Torrid Complex is an established heavy metal band from Conroe TX. Founded in 2011 by frontman Jack Sorenson, The band has made many strides. Members have come and gone, each leaving their mark and influence on what TCX has become. As 2014 came to a close we officiated our line up, cut a record, achieved many goals and set many more.

   In 2016, we had set our sights on new horizons. Torrid Complex continued to spread our brand of metal to every major market in Texas including Dallas, Ft Worth, Austin, San Antonio as well as markets outside of Texas. Our goal in 2016 was to become the favorite metal of the South! Building off of the success of our first studio album titled "Liberty or Death" and our April of 2016 released record "Stained By Hatred", we strived to extend our reach to a national audience.

   Our group is solidified with founding member Jack Sorenson on vocals, Koury Snider on lead guitar, Eric Hoffman on bass, Brandon Shairrick on drums, and Toby Graham on rhythm guitar.

   Our sound can be best described as heavy, driving Southern Metal with no excuses or apologies. Our stage presence is representative of our music. We are patriotic Southern men who say what we believe and stand behind our word but we also deliver something to the table for everyone to enjoy. We make every effort to deliver our music in a way that makes the people who are seeing us for the first time want to see us again and again. 

   Now in 2017, We are working on record #3. Truly expanding our horizons and experimenting with new ideas and writing styles we had never tried before. More details to come...

Notable bands we have performed with



Texas Hippie Coalition

Drowning Pool


Cowboys From Hellpaso

Hed PE

Great White

Final Drive

Absence Of Despair

Pissing Razors​

Back from Ashes

Single Bullet Theory


Lord Dying




Just to name a few....



   We realize that without our fans, we are only rehearsing and we show appreciation to them as well as the venues that host our shows.

   To anyone considering Torrid Complex as a band to play your venue, festival or party. The most important thing we want you to know is what you are getting. If you'd like Pantera with a side of Lamb of God, maybe some White Zombie or some Crowbar mixed with a big glass of Southern Hospitality then you need Torrid Complex over for supper!

Eric Hoffman I  Koury Snider  I  Jack Sorenson  I  Toby Graham  I  Brandon Shairrick

      Bass               Guitar              Vocals                 Guitar                Drums

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